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Stringy Bark Hut

Stringy Bark Hut is brimming with old world charm. A late 1800’s hut built from bark stripped from the local peppermint and stringy bark gums. It's rustic, it's earthy and it's one of the few remaining huts of its kind. Originally built by a family of timber cutters in the mid 1890s, who lived in the hut with their nine children. Restored in 2017, the hut's heritage and character has been carefully preserved. Furnished and decorated with fine linens, cosy textures and objects of delight, take yourself back in time with this whimsical slow stay experience.
  • Sleeps 4
  • Master bedroom + bunkroom
  • Bathroom


  • Queen bed, french linen bedding and towels
  • Kitchen with bar fridge, gas cooker and kitchen essentials
  • Weber BBQ
  • Generous firewood supply
  • Outdoor setting
  • Wood fired heater
  • 93 kangaroos, 48 wombats, 3 lyrebirds and still counting
  • Spectacular views and an endless supply of tranquillity